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ICAP offers Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs) in a range of Asian and Latin American (LatAm) currencies, as well as the Russian ruble, via the EBS system – the first platform to introduce electronically-traded NDFs and fixed date Brazilian real NDF.

In addition to accessing the market via the EBS Spot workstation or the EBS Spot Ai API, NDF traders can also access a global FX liquidity pool via EBS Global Access, ICAP’s browser-based trading application using the internet or BT Radianz connections.

•Chinese yuan (CNY)
•Indian rupee (INR)
•Indonesian rupiah (IDR)
•Korean won (KRW)
•Malaysian ringgit (MYR)
•Philippine peso (PHP)
•Taiwan dollar (TWD)
•Latin American
•Argentine peso (ARS)
•Brazilian real (BRL)
•Chilean peso (CLP)
•Colombian peso (COP)
•Peruvian nuevo sol (PEN)
•Russian ruble (RUB)

Benefits of trading of NDFs on EBS:

•Access to global counterparties and an orderly market
•Cross-regional trading opportunities in Asian, Europe and North American time zones
•Greater speed of execution and efficiency
•Increased certainty of trade
•Greater trading opportunities as the NDF market continues to expand
•Cost-effective trading solution for NDFs
•Improved risk management
•Effective straight through processing (STP) solutions

To ensure immediate response to customer queries and needs, the EBS platform is supported by dedicated customer support representatives 24 hours a day.

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