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LanceBank top of the line tools to active Options traders. All platforms bring the same online technology and efficiency to trading Options.

With a worldwide network of dealers, producers, consumers and speculators,LanceBank brings a breadth of experience to our clients. Instant executions, position tracking, account management, narrower spreads and first ever market depth on Options are among many features available to our clients.

Trading Hours

Our trading hours are from 11 p.m. GMT Sunday, until 11 p.m. GMT Friday with no exception other than the official holidays when local markets are closed.

Leverage and Minimum Deposit:

Minimum deposit is $1,000
Minimum Leverage for Options is 1:100

Commissions and Swap:

There are no transactional commission costs other than the bid and ask price. (Transaction cost is in the spread).
There are no transactional Overnight costs other than the bid and ask price (The quality of the account).

Instruments and Spreads:

We offer a large number of currency pairs, gold and silver and everything you want to trade him ,and lower spreads.

Order Types
We offer streaming dealable prices and fast efficient execution.

Market Orders :
An order to buy or sell immediately at the best available price

Limit Orders :
An order to buy or sell at a specified target price or better

Stop Orders :
An order to buy or sell when the market surpasses a specified price. This order is usually used to stop losses but can also be used as an entry order

OCO Orders :
One cancels the other. One limit and one stop order where the fill of one leg cancels the other leg

If Done Orders :
A two legged order where the fill of the first leg activates the second leg

Trailing Stops :
A stop orders that remains at a fixed amount below the market price. The stop level is automatically adjusted as the price fluctuates and lets profit run while limiting loss

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