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Foreign Exchange

Through our work in more than 128 countries with more than 300,000 customers (institutions and individuals) in all parts of the world, through Our platforms are unique of its kind that perform trading operations in several billions of U.S. dollars per month, with a turnover annually in 2009, more than 828 billion dollars, since 77% of the value of trading, which stands behind the banks and customers of financial institutions.

Trading Hours

FX is a global market that never sleeps. It is active 24-hours a day for almost 5-days a week. Most activity takes place between the time the New Zealand market opens on Monday, which is Sunday evening in Europe, until the US market closes on Friday evening.

Leverage and Minimum Deposit:

Minimum deposit is $150
Minimum Leverage for Spot metals 1:100 to 1:500

Commissions and Swap:

There are no transactional commission costs other than the bid and ask price.
There are no transactional Overnight costs other than the bid and ask price (The quality of the account).
Instruments and Spreads:
Vary the number of points from one currency to another according to the type and nature of the rules of its own.

- System ECN

- System fixed spreads

Order Types

We offer streaming dealable prices and fast efficient execution.

Market Orders :

An order to buy or sell immediately at the best available price

Limit Orders :

An order to buy or sell at a specified target price or better

Stop Orders :

An order to buy or sell when the market surpasses a specified price. This order is usually used to stop losses but can also be used as an entry order

OCO Orders :

One cancels the other. One limit and one stop order where the fill of one leg cancels the other leg

If Done Orders :

A two legged order where the fill of the first leg activates the second leg

Trailing Stops :

A stop orders that remains at a fixed amount below the market price. The stop level is automatically adjusted as the price fluctuates and lets profit run while limiting loss

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