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Online Futures Trading in Oil, Metal, Currencies and Bonds

Online Futures trading with LanceBank provides traders with low-commission access to the world's major trading markets from Chicago to Singapore. Investors can access a wide range of commodities from our online trading platform, including agricultural, bonds, currencies , indices, metals and oils. These products span the global Futures markets, which include CMEGroup, Eurex and Euronext.

By trading Futures online, investors can speculate in, or hedge against, any price movements experienced in the underlying asset.

Futures are contractual agreements to buy or sell a specific commodity or financial instrument on a price and future date that is pre-determined.

A variety of assets can make up a Futures contract, from traditional commodities such as corn, wheat, and orange juice to a range of asset classes, including energies, government bonds, interest rates and stock indices.

Futures contracts detail the quality and quantity of each underlying asset, and are standardised to enable trading on Futures exchanges.

Futures are highly liquid, enabling trading on tight spreads. Futures transaction costs are low, and the level of specificity in Futures contracts and the regulations imposed by various exchanges mean that Futures pricing is transparent. Lancebank offers online Futures trading with no physical delivery required.

Volume-based commissions:
Online Futures trading occurs on volume-based commissions, where greater trading values lead to less costs incurred. Prices for large monthly Futures trading volumes can drop as low as USD 0.30 per Futures contract.

Benefits of Futures trading with LanceBank:

Excellent market liquidity and tight spreads on all major Futures contracts. Trade a range of commodities, including agricultural products, base metals, bonds, currencies, meats, oil and energies, precious metals, short-term interest rates, softs and stock indices. Over 450 instruments available for trading at live market prices on more than 15 trading exchanges around the world. Access to Limits, Stop-Limit, Stops and Trailing Stops - these can be placed through the trade, order or account summary modules.

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