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Contract for Difference (CFD) is a structured financial derivative which replicates the price action and movement of hundreds of securities and investment products traded daily in the financial markets.

The concept of a (CFD) is that it mirrors the underlying asset in terms of price movement but does not hold the liability of delivery of the contract. The flexibility of trading (CFDs) means when you enter into a buy or sell contract, all you are concerned with is the price movement and size of your trade. The ability to trade only price movement removes the stress of taking physical delivery of a product which can happen if you buy and sell exchange traded futures contracts.
CFDs have, low margins, zero commission and tight spreads which, combined with state of the art trading platforms gives the short and long term investor the ability to execute their investment strategies quickly and efficiently.

Whether you are looking to hedge you current investment portfolio or looking for the ability to trade short term strategies, CFDs provide any investor with easy access to the Global Financial Markets.

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