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We are the only Bank in the world that offers more than 18 platform for trading in the Forex foreign currency and metals, and more than 8 platforms for trading in Options contracts, CFDs, Futures, and Futures to the stock exchange (Nasdaq, and NDF).

Also provide the best programs and presentations to the financial intermediary, as well as the White Label on the one hand the best price which is competitive with the global trading market and equipped with one of the largest banks and exchanges of the world, and also provide technology support program the API.

Through our work in more than 128 countries with more than 300,000 customers (institutions and individuals) in all parts of the world, through Our platforms are unique of its kind that perform trading operations in several billions of U.S. dollars per month, with a turnover annually in 2009, more than 828 billion dollars, since 77% of the value of trading, which stands behind the banks and customers of financial institutions.

And that the Lance Bank makes it easier to clients them as individuals and financial institutions, the process of trading in foreign currency on the Internet as well as trading in futures and commodities markets, and we consider one of the first pioneers in the Forex markets, and we are proud of the services that we offer in the field of trading in foreign currencies at the level of global financial markets, Where our customers enjoy using our business in terms of quotations, and liquidity and Modern technology.

That the liquidity, speed, confidence and competitive pricing all this is one of the basics of trading system to which we bring our Prices are the best in the world market, as well as ensure that customers complete transparency and speed during the process of their circulation.

The key to our success is mainly in our dependence on a commercial program safe on the Internet, and catalogs all of our programs and when Our platforms are commercial, it means that trade on the Internet around the clock and at competitive prices and compete better than all our competitors in the world completed

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