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Our Advantage

Lancebank offers no less than 128 state-of-the-art trading platforms with 8 diverse Financial Products.
Our customized versions of the trading platforms offer cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking levels of stability and reliability involving major Banks liquidity providers and tight pricing coupled with Minimum slippage and instant sub-second trading. We also offer 24/7 multilingual, first-class, comprehensive customer service support.

Key Advantages of our Trading with LanceBank :

  • Trading margins from100:1 to 500:1 (depending on the type of account).
  • 5 - digits after the comma in Our platforms directly from the banks and exceptionally unprecedented (ECN system ) .
  • Fully automated dealing desk technology and services with no human intervention.
  • Better execution and extremely fast fills with Instant sub-second trade capture/execution.
  • No price slippage on displayed prices.
  • No requote trading.
  • 24/7 multilingual, first-class, comprehensive Customer support.
  • Over 58 currency pairs (majors and cross rates) with various execution types including Instant, request and market.
  • Risk Management, Decision Support Tools, Dynamic position tracker, Point-and-choose position closeout and Back-office suite with strategic design and user-friendliness for the convenience of our clients and partners.
  • Request for prices on any date on any currency pair (RFQ).
  • 24 hours on-line financial news in numerous languages
  • Supports Non-Deliverable Forward Trading (NDF) in non-convertible currencies such as Brazilian Real, Russian Rubble and Indian Rupee.
  • A truly unique Options trading platform places us firmly as one of the largest Financial Institutions in terms of dealing with online Options in the USA.
  • Comprehensive business development and support.
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