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Please ensure that you enter the correct information so we can provide you with the proper service and feedback. We are committed to safeguarding the personal information that you provide us .Please click here if you wish to review LanceBank privacy statement and policy.


  • LanceBank offers an outstanding opportunity to qualified professionals to become Introducing Brokers and Commissioners ("IBs"). Our IB program supports and benefits brokers, traders and industry participants in creating and enhancing a lucrative Forex or financial derivatives trading business. The unique advantages of introducing business to LanceBank include:
  • Remuneration Package
  • We will exceed your current compensation schedule substantially if you move your business to LanceBank and we will give you the best compensation and services available. Our offer will dwarf any other offer you get from our competitors. This will not only help our IBs to grow their business substantially but also will increase their income significantly. Try us and we will prove our point.
  • Outstanding compensation based on trading volume
  • Many companies and individuals have built lucrative IB businesses with us, enjoying the benefits of an increased monthly revenue payments and unique services all on a partnership bases.
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